The Lilac Tree Mission

Our Mission

Helping individuals navigate and overcome the challenges of separation and divorce by providing access to legal information, support networks and professional resources.

Our Vision

All people can confidently navigate the process of family breakdown and divorce.   

Our Model

The Lilac Tree offers five unique programs:

  • Personalized Information Sessions: During a 60-minute private and confidential meeting with a trained Lilac Tree counselor, individuals contemplating or at the beginning stages of separation or divorce receive guidance to help them understand the legal, financial and emotional considerations involved in separation and divorce.

  • Divorce University : The Lilac Tree offers a range of workshops, seminars, videos and webinars aimed at educating individuals on a variety of legal, financial, therapeutic and self-help topics.  Presenters are qualified experts in their field who volunteer their time.

  • Support Groups:  Licensed Clinical Social Workers lead 8-week (16 hour) groups in a therapeutic, compassionate and supportive environment. Groups serve to connect individuals facing similar challenges to share their experiences and learn from each other.

  • Referral Program: The Lilac Tree maintains a registry of attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners and social service providers.  Referrals are made free of charge.

  • Self-Represented Litigant Education: The Lilac Tree provides general information about the law and the legal process to individuals who are not represented by an attorney.

Need a paper copy for a handout?

Download + print our one page mission sheet that includes our contact information.