Take charge of your divorce education. 

Learn in-depth and objectively about legal, financial and emotional topics related to separation and divorce.

We offer monthly educational workshops for contemplating, divorcing and divorced women on the legal, financial and emotional aspects of the process and beyond. Listening to a panel of qualified divorce professionals, asking questions, hearing other people’s perspectives, and participating in discussions will increase your knowledge, understanding and confidence for your own journey and choices.

Our workshops are unique because all our panelists are qualified experts in their field, all volunteer their time and knowledge, and we vary speakers and panelists each workshop.

Workshops are developed by a team of professionals along with our Programming Committee and one of our Board members as a facilitator.


Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are ordered by upcoming date. Make sure to register for each session you’d like to attend. If you have any questions, please send us a message, or call 1.847.328.0313. We’re here to help.