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Co-Parenting Weekend Workshop

Finding Power and Wisdom
in Divorced*Co-Parenting
*or separated or never married

Weekend Workshop  

Friday, June 21, 6:00-8:00PM
Saturday, June 22, 9:00-5:00PM
Sunday, June 23 9:00-1:00PM
Downtown Evanston Location

In a welcoming, casual and non-judgmental
setting enjoy a mixture of informational talks,
exercises and group discussions that will
profoundly change the way you parent and
approach your co-parenting situation.

What Will I Learn?
- That your co-parent does not control your
life or happiness.
- What children REALLY need; how to develop
strong connected relationships with them.
- To use MINDFULNESS to manage difficult
emotions and make wise decisions.
- To establish realistic and effective
- How to be confident, empowered and take
action that is wise and grounded.
- To find peace and joy in your family life!

Who Should Participate
A newly divorced or separated co-parent who
wants to get off on the right foot.
A co-parent who wants to learn how to handle
a difficult co-parent effectively.
A co-parent who wants to make sure they are
doing the right thing for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I attend with my co-parent?
No!! Co-parents are often triggered by their coparents,
and it is difficult to learn in triggered
states. It is imperative that co-parents have a
relaxed environment to develop skills and be
open to new ideas.

Does my co-parent have to take the
workshop in order for it to be effective?
No! This workshop is focused on how each
individual can change the situation for the
better, no matter what their co-parent does.

What is the size of the group?
No more than 10 people.

How much does the workshop cost? 
The fee is $280. 

Alisa Jaffe Holleron, LCSW,
experienced psychotherapist, teacher and
author teaches relational skills focused on
working with emotional reactivity,
cultivating compassion, and establishing
boundaries. She created the innovative
curriculum “Finding Power and Wisdom in
Divorced Co-parenting” which she teaches
in-person and online and wrote the book
“An Unexpected Journey: The Road to
Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting.”
Her warm, accepting and humorous style is appreciated
by her workshop participants

Reservations Required


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