Individual Information Sessions

Your situation is unique. Gain an objective overview.

Attend a confidential one-on-one Information Session with one of our trained divorce counselors. Talk privately about where you are in the decision making process, factors to consider, your individual situation, how to prepare, how to talk with your spouse, how tell your children and relatives, when and how to hire professionals, etc. 

Designed for women facing the end of a marriage or relationship who are separating, contemplating or starting a divorce (whether your choice or not), our Individual Information Session is an important, unique and safe program at this stage of the process. 

You will come away with a better understanding of your situation, your options, your rights, your goals, and hopefully your next step forward, whichever way that may be.


Appointments schedules vary each week but are typically offered:

Daytime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday                     

Evening: Wednesday or Thursday evening appointments offered twice a month  

Phone: Availability varies. Pre-payment required

Skype or Zoom: Availability varies. Pre-payment required

Due to the high volume of clients we serve, appointments are only be booked by phone at 847.328.0313.

Once again, thank you for your services, with all the difficult stories you inevitably hear, I wanted to share my gratitude for helping me through the most difficult period of my life
— Raquel