Our Volunteers

The Lilac Tree is sustained by the energy of our volunteers

We need volunteers of all types! Anyone can volunteer — friends of Lilac Tree, current and former clients and divorce professionals.

As a non-profit, our organization cannot survive without passionate individuals who help cultivate and grow our efforts. From our legal professionals, our Blossom Story contributors who have gifted us their divorce narrative to guide us, to our Workshop attendants who warmly greet you at your first seminar, we appreciate every minute devoted to our mission. We cannot list every individual, and some prefer to remain unnamed. Here are volunteers that have given consent to be recognized this year for their efforts to further The Lilac Tree mission:

2018 Volunteers

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How You Can Help


  • Administrative help in the LT office (basic Excel and Word skills needed)

  • Registration and hosting help at Workshops

  • Database and statistics entry

  • Expertise, knowledge in social media, marketing and PR

  • Committee Members for our Marketing, Programming or Development Committees

  • Office support for our Divorce University™ Conference preparation

  • Poster and flyer distribution/outreach for our programs.
    Registration / general help at development and fundraising events



  • Speakers at our Workshops - typically as part of a panel presentation. 

  • Committee Members - on our Marketing, Programming or Development Committees.  Commitment is one year July - June.

  • Referral Panel Members - apply to our esteemed referral panels.  


Due to the volume of applicants that apply as a divorce professional volunteers  please note the following:

~ You must have up-to-date credentials, or in rare circumstances equivalent work experience.

~ Have at least five (5) years current experience in your field of expertise.  

~ All professional volunteers are chosen by a committee process.