Our mission is to provide education, support and access to resources for women at any stage of the divorce process — contemplating, divorcing, or divorced.

We serve our clients through our programs in addition to phone and email support. Our work empowers our clients to move confidently towards psychological and economic independence.


Our work is compassionate, proactive, and preventative.

At The Lilac Tree, we understand that separation and divorce exist as part of the social fabric of our communities. We are all touched by separation and divorce — whether you are in the process, a family member, a friend, a divorce professional, or a religious leader.

While we do not promote divorce, we feel strongly that we must help couples and families through the difficulties of separation and divorce. We offer education and support.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to help those facing separation and divorce so they can move through the process and onto independent lives. We believe that everyone considering separation or divorce should have:

  • Access to Resources
  • A Right to Legal Knowledge
  • Understanding of Financial Decisions
  • Awareness of Support Networks
  • Connection & Support for All
  • Diversity of Experts & Objectivity
  • Empowerment of Choices
  • Acceptance of Reshaping Families